Is your small business confused about social media?Social Media for Small Business

If you own a small business you probably know that:

  • social media is important

  • you don't have time to become a social media expert.

And in today's economy, what small business can afford to pay a team of experts up on the latest tools and online trends? You don't have to.

A unique opportunity.

If you did have a huge corporate budget to hire a fancy internet marketing agency, at one time I would have been working on your account. During the dotcom boom I was a project manager for Fortune 500 clients at a leading internet development firm, and now I manage websites and the social media strategy for a prominent institution within higher education.

But as an entrepreneur at heart, I'm exploring the opportunity to work independently with small businesses.

Here's the deal: $20/week to manage your social media!

If you have an extra twenty in your wallet, I will handle all of your social media needs. Imagine that. You don't need to procrastinate any more, falling behind your competition. You don't need to pull yourself away from your business (or your family time) trying to catch up. Now is your chance to not only get your business online, but do it in a big way with someone who knows what they are doing. Take it one week at a time, and if you don't like the results stop anytime.

Why is social media important? As a small business you need new, loyal customers. Almost all of your potential buyers are online, and there are great ways to target them to raise awareness and prompt purchases. Being social online can extend your sales and customer support efforts, personalize buyer experiences, and build support communities with champions for your brand. People used to be able to influence a small group of friends by word-of-mouth, but now opinions and experiences can become viral to millions. Even if you are small, the level playing field online lets you play big in social media. If you aren't doing it right, your small business is missing the best opportunties of our time. Make it happen! If you don't have the time or computer skills yourself, let me help.

There are big opportunities for small businesses in social media, but this isn't a glitzy informercial over-promising the moon with phony guarantees. I do follow the industry closely, put a lot of time into this, and put best practices and my promotional ideas into play every day online. I can genuinely say that if I was your employee you might describe me as one of your most dedicated and dependible workers who always seems to come up with creative ideas. That's gotten me far up the corporate management ladder, but like you I'm more interested in a different path.

So let's work together to put your business on the social media map. Your success is my success, as I build my own independent consulting reputation. Each business will have a unique strategy and gameplan that we'll craft together, but generally here's what I'll do for you:

Facebook   If your business isn't on Facebook, I'll create your page with a custom URL address complete with a welcome, feature products, and email list sign-up screen. The account will be checked daily to forward customer inquiries and post relevant news or promotional items with the aim of growing strong customer connections where most of them interact already.
Twitter   Create and/or optimize your Twitter account. Monitor for conversations about your business and industry, share relevant information and direct followers as desired. Twitter has its own language, and I can translate and get discussions started for you.
LinedIn   Don't overlook business networking opportunities. I'll make sure your company has a strong page on LinkedIn and that your organization is well-represented.
Google+   Google recently integrated their new social media service (Google+) into their search results, and it may be increasingly important for business to have a presence on Plus.
Beyond managing your social media accounts, I also have experience with public relations, marketing, email newsletters, and website development. Additional projects will be handled on a case-by-case basis at an affordable rate.

Contact me and I'll let you know more about myself. I've been interviewed on MSNBC and had some of my web projects featured in publications as varied as the Wall Street Journal and TV Guide. After I get to know more about your business, I'll have some specific suggestions and goals that we can get started on achieving together.

Troy Surratt
HiAspire Multimedia
Denver, Colorado

  HiAspire Multimedia