Resolutions Reminders!
Resolutions Reminders!


If you have a product or service that would be beneficial for our Resolution subscribers, let us know. Advertising rates are below, but contact us for any further questions or different requests.

The rates vary depending on the time of year. Traffic is much higher for our New Year's site during December and January. For example, between Christmas 1999 and the end of January 2000, 1392 new subscribers signed up.

For more advertising information or to post your own business marketing needs, view our advertising search engine site:

Depending upon site publicity, traffic around New Year's day can reach 10,000 visitors per day or more. See press page or read about us for further details.

  Ad Placement Feb-Nov  Peak (Dec/Jan) 
Standard Text Link on goal page under Products listing; included in an email reminder in one goal category; small banner (120x60 or under) optional, add $25. $15/month $20/month
Prominent Text Link on goal page under Recommended listing, or Thank You page for new subscribers, or rotated in Message Boards/Chat; included in an email reminder in one goal category; banner (468x60 or under) optional optional, add $25. $25/month $35/month
Link included in monthly Resolution Reminder
(not dependent upon time of year).
For 1 specific goal: $25/month For all subscribers: $50/month
Additional placements each
(if you'd like your link posted on several pages, etc.)
+ $20 +$50

Contact us with any questions or to begin ad placements.
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