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Resolutions Reminders!


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To get a better idea, here is a sample e-mail:

Happy October Jane Doe from Resolution Reminders!!

The year is already three-fourths over. Are you 75% to your goals for the year? If not, it's really time to get serious now. It's the fourth quarter, when the game is on the line. This last stretch of the year could determine if you are successful in 2000 or not.

"Make it happen! Remember what you're working so hard for!!"

### EXERCISE MORE ### What really works to keep you exercising? || || 5 Tips to boost energy:

### ADVANCE MY CAREER ### Emotional Intelligence on job hunts: || Career mapping, don't get lost along the way:

### SAVE MONEY ### Stretch your food dollar: || How to become a multi-millionaire without marrying one:

### FIND ROMANCE ### Overcoming shyness: || First date ideas: || Find love on the net:

### BETTER PERSON ### Four things every soul needs:

### FOLLOW MY DREAMS ### Going for greatness: ||

Have a great month!

Troy Surratt
Resolutions Reminder Staff
_____________________________________________________________                         October 2000

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