Resolutions Reminders!
Resolutions Reminders!


There aren't as many "us" as you might think. Actually for most of this site's existence since 1997 it has been a one-man operation (Troy Surratt). Now, most of the work is still done by one person trying to help others, but he gets some help from friends and even subscribers who send in link suggestions.

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  • Started in December 1997 by a business major trying to make his personal homepage more interesting and attract visitors during the holiday season. It has grown into it's own life from there. Got the original idea from people always saying they don't keep their resolutions and usually forget all about them in a few weeks.
  • Site saw early success when CNN Computer Connection and some local papers and television stations mentioned it in seasonal stories (see media). 300 subscribers the first year.
  • Site really took off the following New Year's when it was a highlighted by the New York Times and even on CNN Headline News. Also made USA Today site of the day, mentioned in Success Magazine, and featured in the Rocky Mountain News (see media). Subscribers jump to 3000. In the following years, as there have been other stories about Resolutions Reminders the subscriber base has grown to 8000.
  • Site was re-designed in December 2000 and a companion site for online personals was also launched (Virtually Ever After).
  • Read more about how this works.
  • If you have a link suggestion or comment, please fill out the form below. If you have a product that you think might be beneficial for our subscribers looking to reach their goals, review our advertising rates. Link to us.
  • If you need some web development work or would like to hire someone who really knows their way around the net, contact me.
  • You can always e-mail me at or find more information on me here or at HiAspire!
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