Resolutions Reminders!
Resolutions Reminders!


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NO excuses this time... with our help you are going to finally reach those goals! We've been helping people keep their resolutions since 1997, so if you really need someone to hound you into doing something good for yourself, you've found the right service! And it's free!! Read more about us. We've been featured in the media (CNN Headline News, NY Times, USA Today) and won a few awards. You'll find links to a lot of great sites here.

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Here's what a real subscriber wrote to us. We get success stories like this all the time: "Thanks for your timely reminders last year. With your help I was able to reach my weight and workout goals... You really helped me. Thanks!"

We have had over 12,000 subscribers. We send subscribers an email at the beginning of each month reminding them of the goals they wanted to reach this year. We also include a personalized reminder message, links specifically geared towards their goals, and ocassionally some extra motivation.

Have a friend who needs to break a bad habit??
You can invite your friends (or enemies for that matter) to sign up for their own Resolutions Reminder. Send them a creative postcard that gently informs them of a bad habit they should break. Some of these are VERY FUNNY!

Need Some Motivation?!?
Most people don't reach their goals because they run out of steam and lose their original motivation. Find some ideas that will keep you going all the way.

Success Stories!
Read inspirational, funny, and helpful stories about people and their struggles with their resolutions — or submit you own.

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